The Story Behind…. “Farmers. We’ve Got Your Back”

We believe it is vital for Farmers to be seen for the value they bring to the country, and we are committed to playing our part in that. Ruralco provide a platform to share the amazing stories of farming success that are all too often lost in the ‘media storm’. An overarching idea was created that will help profile New Zealand’s most valuable industry in a most positive way.


Backing rural businesses.

In 1963 Ruralco was created by farmers for farmers.

Today, nothing has changed.

Ruralco continues to meet the needs of farmers, contractors, and supports businesses in our communities with products, services, advice and know how.

Simply put, Farmers. We’ve got your back.

Ruralco are launching the “Farmers. We’ve got your back” campaign.

This one clever tagline communicates three distinct and differentiated messages:

  1. Farmers have our nation’s back by providing jobs, feeding our nation, and adding to the export value of our economy and farming sustainably for generations.
  2. As a nation, we have our farmers’ backs by recognizing the hard daily mahi that farmers contribute to NZ, and by buying local produce grown off the land.
  3. Ruralco has farmers’ backs by supplying the right products and services at competitive rates when you need it. Telling the good stories of the value Farmers bring to NZ, and supporting our rural communities and backing rural businesses.

Many Kiwis want to show support for our Farmers. We have developed this campaign as a way of demonstrating our loyalty to farmers and their contribution to NZ.

As this campaign rolls out over the coming months you will see the stories we share on your behalf, and we will invite our valued members to be part of it and help spread the word.

It is our aim that this campaign becomes a movement.


How can you get involved?

You can get behind the Farmers. We've Got Your Back. campaign by supporting the campaign, becoming a spokesperson or sharing with your own audience.

You can share photos on social media with the hashtag #farmersgotyourback and tag @ruralconz

Download Resources

Download resources to promote the Farmers. We've Got Your Back. movement.


Farmer Stories

Read about farmers in New Zealand doing good for the nation.

Farmer Stories

Kids Competition

Download the Farmers. We've Got Your Back. kids colouring competition here.

Kids Competition
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