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Free Hoof Care Expo with Veehof: Reduce Herd Lameness

14 September 2017

Have you ever been curious about the hoof trimming process and how it can reduce lameness?  VeeHof Dairy Services Ltd is holding a free Hoof Care Expo and invites all farm owners, sharemilkers and farm managers to attend this free event. 

Held on Tuesday the 17th of October, there is a morning (10am – 12pm) and afternoon (1pm – 3pm) session which both feature an informative lameness seminar and hoof trimming demonstrations. 

The seminar “Hoof trimming – understanding the process and why it’s important” is presented in both the morning and afternoon.  Fred Hoesktra runs the seminars and is a locally based expert with European qualifications in hoof trimming instruction and a passion for animal welfare.  The working demonstrations include the correct way to sharpen your hoof knifes, claw block application and grinder use with different disks (attendees can tryout different disks).  A free barbeque lunch is also available between 12pm and 1pm.

Mark the date in your calendar, as they would love to have as many farm owners, sharemilkers and farm managers attend as possible.  If you would like to attend the morning or afternoon session, as well as the barbeque lunch, please call VeeHof to register on 0800 833 463. 

More information about the day can be found on the VeeHof website,