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Repositioning the business to showcase Ruralco

2 February 2017

Over recent months we have made reference to our plans to reposition the business to showcase Ruralco as our outwardfacing brand. As you will see from the changes to our publications, newsletters and emails, this roll-out has begun.

From now on shareholders and cardholders will notice all opportunities for branding and advertising of the business will feature the Ruralco brand. This means vehicles, signage and uniforms have all been updated to reflect the new look. We are looking forward to Ruralco being our nationally recognisable brand. It has been a logical step to take and it makes sense we have just the one identifiable and consistent brand, especially as our fuel and card supplies network has steadily expanded and now boasts more than 20,000 active cardholders. This figure is set to grow with many more card suppliers joining Ruralco every month.

Some of you may wonder what this means for ATS. The short answer is, very little - ATS remains the parent company of Ruralco, but Ruralco is now our public “face”. On a day-to-day basis, there should be no noticeable changes for shareholders and cardholders. ATS’s regional farm supplies stores and its seed, electricity and fertiliser divisions remain part of the business group and will continue delivering meaningful service, advice and discounts to cardholders.

We will also continue to make our presence felt in your regions, and once again we will be available to meet with you at the coming Wanaka, Mayfield, Methven and Oxford A&P Shows and the South Island Agricultural Field Days at Kirwee. These events are great opportunities for farming folk to come together and we are looking forward to seeing you there. Please feel free to talk to us about any aspect of our business either while we are out and about, or by contacting me directly on 027 801 9929 or at