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Get everything sorted before you moove farms

Meridian Energy understand that moving farm can be an exciting but busy time – so many things to organise. Here’s a handy checklist so you don’t forget the most important.

30 April 2018

Make sure the jug will work

Nothing worse than after a busy day of moving not having a cuppa. If you’re an existing Meridian customer, let us know a couple of days before the big move and we’ll make sure your electricity is connected when you get there so you can enjoy that hard earned drink (be it hot or cold).

If you’re new to Meridian or need to move sooner, simply call us on 0800 496 444 and we’ll get you sorted.

The following tips can help ensure your new electricity connections are set up as smoothly as possible:


Close your old farm electricity accounts

Call Meridian and we’ll take care of closing your accounts at your previous property and setting up your new ones.


Read your meters

To ensure your first account is based on your usage (not someone else’s) it’s a good idea to read your electricity meters on the day you move in and provide Meridian with these readings.


Check you’re getting all your bills

When you move to a new farm, it’s natural to assume everything’s been set up. But it’s easy to overlook a missing bill for one of your worker’s houses or for a pump that’s way down the back of the farm. Call your electricity supplier for advice if you think you might be missing a bill.


Have your electricity capacity checked

If your new farm was previously occupied by a higher electricity user, it may pay to have your meter configuration checked - either by an electrician, or by your local network company, to ensure you’re not paying for capacity you don’t need. This is especially important if you downgrade or remove any farm machinery or equipment.


Consider having a price comparison done

If some sites at your new farm are supplied by other electricity companies, you may want to consider switching them to Meridian. Having one electricity provider may be easier to manage and more cost-effective. To request a price comparison call us on 0800 496 444.


A few other tips to help on the day

Update all your suppliers

Just like switching your electricity, you need to make sure you let your insurance company and other service providers know you’re moving too.


Sort your mail

Don’t miss receiving your mail at your new address – most companies (including Meridian) will email your bill. Consider switching to ebills and never miss getting your electricity bill.


Keep on top of your energy usage

Sign up to our free online tool that allows you to monitor your energy usage, update your details and receive and pay your bills.


Get organised

Before moving day, create a timeline and a plan of how you want to move everything and, once you get to the new site, where you want everything to go. This will help save a lot of time on moving day if you know exactly what needs to be where.