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New Zealand Rural Waste Minimisation Project

The New Zealand Rural Waste Minimisation Project finds ways for rural communities to better manage on-farm waste like soft plastics, old chemicals and used oil.

It is helping preserve the environment by offering farmers and growers six nationwide recycling and recovery events in August and September. These events allow farmers and growers to sustainably clear a variety of farm waste in one go – removing some of the recycling challenges they face. Rural communities in Westport, Southland, Selwyn (Ellesmere), Geraldine, Matamata and Gisborne will benefit from the opportunity to recycle or sustainably dispose of agrichemical containers, unwanted agrichemicals, used motor oil, seed and feed bags, and soft plastics like silage and bale wrap.

With backing from the Ministry for the Environment, Agrecovery is offering farmers and growers the chance to repurpose this waste into useful materials. It has sustainable recovery options for the waste that can’t be recycled.


This year, Agrecovery will be implementing six pilot events in locations below.

Westport – 29 August
Winton – 4 September
Selwyn (Ellesmere) – 9 September
Geraldine – 11 September
Matamata -16 September
Gisborne – 19 September


 Unwanted and unused agricultural chemicals

 Empty agrichemical containers & drums, as per existing agrecovery programme

 Waste oil from agricultural users

 Woven polypropylene e.g. fertiliser & feed bags

 Soft plastics such as silage and bale wrap

Follow this link here for more information on our acceptance criteria for each waste stream.


Participants must register with or be an Agrecovery member in order to participate. This process is quick, free and simple and does not commit
participants to participate in any other Agrecovery services. You can register to be a member here.

To participate in the pilot you will need to register your interest, which you can do via the ‘One-Stop Shop Event’ page, after logging in. Only members within the catchment areas can register to participate.

During the booking process we’ll need to get some details from you so we can help you prepare to dispose of your waste and ensure a smooth
and easy experience on the day, in particular, if you have any agrichemicals for disposal you will need to provide detail on the volume and types of chemicals.

Please indicate on the form which types of waste you’ll be bringing along. We’ll also ask you to select a time slot for drop off so that we can make
sure everyone is given enough time to dispose of their waste at the event.

Following registration, you will receive additional information on the event and how to participate.

Following the pilots, the information gathered will be used to investigate longer term solutions for managing rural waste in effective and
environmentally friendly ways.

For further information on the pilot event or help in how to register, please call us on 0800 AGRECOVERY or email

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