Reduce your energy bill

With electricity costs forming a major part of any irrigated farm’s costs, Ruralco Energy can reduce your energy bill and simplify your spending with hassle-free contract arrangements.

If you’re a shareholder choosing to put all your energy purchases and charges through Ruralco, you’ll have access to the full suite of Ruralco Energy expertise, pricing, advice, and support.

Receive comprehensive energy advice

Ruralco membership gives you access to free, independent energy advice designed to support you in finding the best deal in the complex arena of electricity purchase and contracts. You’ll get a balanced perspective that covers both the energy purchasing issues affecting all our shareholders and the factors that are unique to your farming business.

Get comparative energy cost analysis

Think you’re getting a great rate? Our team can run a direct cost comparison to check you are on the best possible deal. Comparative energy cost analysis plays a big part in Ruralco Energy’s role. We continually and independently work to ensure our members are getting the most cost-effective energy solution available in an increasingly competitive supply market. 

Get a great rate using Ruralco’s group buying power

Thanks to a deep level of experience in the sector and strong local knowledge, Ruralco Energy can negotiate closely with electricity retailers to obtain favourable electricity rates and contract terms for our members. We can access deals that recognise the seasonal variability you face in terms of both power use and income generation. 

Advocacy, support and transparency 

With Ruralco Energy, you have a strong advocate working on your behalf when problems over contracts and supply arise. We can work through accounts with you, to identify cost components and their validity, and provide a valued source of advice if a major dispute should arise.  Our team works hard to streamline accounts and contracts while our regular newsletters focus on increasing members’ understanding of the often-complex energy purchasing market. 

Find the best value for your energy dollar

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