Spend less on your farming business essentials

Your Ruralco card unlocks a world of purchase, discount and service opportunities across every aspect of your farming business, from serious savings on fuel, to fencing, fertiliser, homewares, and health. 

Substantial discounts for work & play

Get great discounts with over 3,000 local and national businesses.

The one card you’ll need

Simplify end of month reconciliation by putting everything you need on one charge card. All charges will be listed on your monthly ATS or Ruralco account.

Start saving

Empower staff or family members to maximise discounts

You can have multiple cards on one account.** The fence post card, below left, is the primary card and the paw print card, below right, is a sub-account card. The cards function identically; the only difference is the picture on the front. Your spouse, your worker or even the kids, can have a card and leverage Ruralco’s buying power.

**Sub-account cards are only available to ATS Shareholder Accounts.

Easily reconcile purchases by user

The purchases made on each card are itemised in your Ruralco or ATS account for easy month-end review and authorisation.

Note for Ruralco Card Suppliers

The Ruralco Card member number (bottom left on card) can have either an R, M or P at the beginning; if there is no letter then it belongs to an ATS account. For more information on where you can use your card, or on becoming a card supplier, please contact the Ruralco Card team.

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