Join Ruralco as a Shareholder

A growing community of forward-thinking farming people

Formed in 1963, today ATS (100% owners of Ruralco) has a growing membership of more than 3,500 shareholders; our shareholders are our owners and customers. As a shareholder, you can take advantage of all Ruralco offerings while also receiving annual rebates (at the discretion of the ATS Board) from ATS Group earnings (includes Ruralco).

Unlock savings with your Ruralco Card - it's the one card you'll want in your wallet!

Don't have a login to the Ruralco Website? Click on the link below, fill out your details and we will set one up for you.


Exceptional savings for your business 

Get exclusive deals and discounts from over 3,000 local and national suppliers. Save at least 12¢ per litre off fuel at more than 380 fuel stations nationwide, and up to 31¢ off bulk fuel including delivery to your farm. You can even get extra cards for your family or a separate fuel card for your vehicles.

All of your farming and family needs through one charge card

End the paper war with just one card for all your purchases and one transparent monthly account. Each month you will receive an account from ATS/Ruralco, which has a full breakdown of spending for the previous month. This is due for payment on the 20th of every month, with a variety of ways to pay including direct debit, internet banking or cash.

Dedicated agri-business support

Utilize our experts for a multitude of agri-business requests; trusted independent energy consultants, fertilizer suppliers, independent seed and agronomy experts. Source grain from top suppliers at competitive rates. Plus, our farm supply shop managers offer straight up advice on a full range of farming supplies that can be delivered to your door.  


To become an ATS Shareholder and, in turn, a Ruralco cardholder you must be farming or making your living from the land. 

Join in four easy steps:


Complete and submit an application for an ATS Shareholding, for consideration and approval by the Group Chief Executive.


Purchase 500 x $1 shares in the ATS co-operative (100% owners of Ruralco).


Agree to credit check and AML requirements.


Choose how you would like to set up your account and Ruralco Cards. 

Talk to our dedicated team now about becoming an ATS Shareholder and/or Ruralco Cardholder.

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